Confessions of a “Vaccine Hunter”

When my husband got his Covid vaccine (Pfizer) in December 2020, I wept. He is Doctor of Pediatric Infectious Diseases and has been on the front line of the pandemic. I felt relieved that he would not die from Covid. Perhaps the tide was turning. There was a rumor that the family members of the medical staff might be eligible for the vaccine, I cried again. Unfortunately, the demand outstripped the supply, so I was unable to get the vaccine thru his hospital. That is when I became a Vaccine Hunter.

I signed up on several sites, and was amazed at the lack of urgency. I received my first and second doses of vaccine (Moderna) from Tarrant County Health Dept. I was recruited to help with the roll out and loved it. I was the “Sticker Queen”, the “Purse Watcher”, the “Line Patrol”…anything I could do to help the staff keep the operation running smoothly. I also became to source to help others get the vaccine. I handed my phone to my Spanish Speaking friends, to make sure they knew how to register. I showed my nail technician how to register. I would ask all my contacts “Hey, did you get the vaccine? Its really good and really safe”. I listened and researched answers to their questions. I always ended our chats with the information about where to get the vaccine and to remind them I just wanted them to live a long and healthy life.

At 8 months, my husband got the third Pfizer vaccine. He just walked into the downtown Sundance Square on a Friday night. We celebrated with ceviche and margaritas (Sundance Square open Fridays 10 to 7 pm, all 3 available. times may change). Honestly, I was waiting for the Moderna booster shot. I got my third shot at Wilkerson Greines parking lot. It was like a Ghost Town. One person on staff thought the Moderna was the lower dose, but the vaccinator told me it was regular dose. I was there and I took the third dose vaccine. I had slight redness at injection site. (Wilkerson Grienes parking lot M-Sat 8 to 4 pm Drive thru. All three available. Off 1 20 between Campus and Wichita exit) Here is the truth: the vaccines are safe and effective I want you to live a long and healthy life COVID-19 Vaccine Finder (

Mary Ann Shelton is married to Pediatric Infectious Disease specialist, Dr. Mark Shelton. She kept busy during the pandemic with weddings for all four of her children. A member of the Tarrant County Medical Society Alliance since 1988, she has served in nearly every capacity including President, organizing the massive mailing of the Medicine Ball invitations each year and has been the E-Newsletter editor since it began. Mary Ann is a special mentor to younger Alliance members as both an experienced physician's wife and community volunteer, but especially as a mother who is quick to share how to make it through. She can now add Vaccine Hunter to her list of expert skills