Life of a Medical Family

The life of medicine. The life of stroke. Even when you’re not “on call”, you’re still really always on. As he received a 5am call about a 14-year-old having an acute stroke, he sprang into action. And so did I. Preparing for a morning of solo parenting my 3. As the spouse of a doctor, you wear so many hats, you support your partner as they leave unexpectedly, not getting to see the kids yet again, you support him as a doctor, encouraging him as he quietly brainstorms the pending case while brushing his teeth and throwing on scrubs, gently reminding him that he can save this child, someone else’s entire world. You support your own children as they ask where Dad went and why he’s not eating breakfast with them. And you give yourself a little grace for trying to keep it all together. This is our life, sometimes easy, a lot of times not, but it’s the life of modern medicine … and thank goodness for that.

Jessica Fiesta is Nurse Practitioner and Adjunct Clinical Nursing Faculty at Texas Christian University, mom of 3, married to Dr. Matthew Fiesta, a Neurointerventional Radiologist.