In a joint project with the TMA and Alliances across the state, our Alliance helps to provide
children with properly fitted bicycle helmets, educate the community on the benefits of helmet
use and safe exercise. A properly fitting helmet can prevent almost all head injuries, up to 85
percent, the most common cause of disability or death in a bicycle crash.  

Since 1994, TMA has given away more than 235,000 helmets to Texas children. Each year,
our Alliance provides personally fitted helmets to 500 low income children in our community.  
To volunteer for a Hard Hats event or to donate toward the purchase of helmets please
contact, Lynda Nunez,  

TMA Hard Hats Information
Be Wise Immunize is a joint initiative with medical alliances across the state. The TCMS
Alliance Foundation provides funding to support free and low cost vaccination clinics each
August and year round immunization education to families in Tarrant County who cannot
afford them. Alliance members volunteer at the events to help with check-in and to help
families complete their paperwork.  Older children and teens are encouraged to help as well
as Alliance members also volunteer on the board of the ICTC.

Each year, the Alliance spends as much as $15,000 to provide the immunization clinics,
shots and education. This commitment has also allowed us to win additional grant funding of
between $5,000 and $7,500 from the TMA Foundation.
Additional Philanthropic Endeavors
In addition to supporting the above Community Health Projects, the Alliance Foundation also provides
support in a smaller way to the following:
Center for Transforming Lives - donates to the Center's Wing's of Hope and collects Fleece hoodies
to provide a warm jacket to the homeless children of the Center's Rosie K. Mauk Child Development
JPS Foundation - Each spring the Alliance hosts a Shower of Love to provided desperately needed
baby care items such as car seats, pack n plays, clothes, diapers and more for new mother's who give
birth at JPS and can not afford these necessary items.
TMA Foundation - Donations are made to the TMA Foundation to support TMA Knowledge Center,
Physician's Benevolent Fund, Honorary members, Physician Student Loan Fund, and more.
Alliance Foundation
For almost 100 years, the Alliance has worked to improve the  
health and wellness of those in our community in need.
For almost 100 years, the Alliance has worked to improve the health and wellness of those in our community in
need.  The work of the Alliance is funded through the Alliance Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  
Each year, the Alliance hosts a single fundraiser to raise funds to support our Community Health Projects.  In
addition to providing funds, our Alliance members provide their time and talents volunteering in support of these
IIn partnership with the Tarrant County Medical Society, the Alliance provides scholarships to
students in Allied Health fields such as nursing, nutrition, radiology technicians, and more who
have financial need.  This program is designed to increase the numbers of well qualified allied
health professionals in Tarrant County providing the highest quality healthcare. The
scholarships encourage students to finish their program so they can start supporting the work
of the physicians, taking care of patients.

Health Scholarship Committee. The combined funds of the Alliance and Medical Society
provides between $30,000 and $40,000 in scholarships.  Last year, 11 students were
awarded scholarships. For those in tech programs at TCC, most are given enough to
completely cover the costs of their final year.
Project Access Tarrant County provides medical and surgical procedures to the working poor
in Tarrant County. These neighbors cannot afford traditional insurance, but do not qualify for
Medicaid. Services are provided by members of the Tarrant County Medical Society
volunteers and local hospitals, radiology and laboratory services who donate their time,
facilities and supplies. PATC staff coordinates all of the care including transportation and a
cost to PATC of only $500-$800. That's an amazing return on investment, but even more
importantly the value to the patient, their family and our community is priceless. Often these
lifechanging or even lifesaving procedures get the patient back to work and able to financially
provide for their families.
President 2018-19
Margaret McDonald

Tricia Sc

VP Community Health
Lynda Nunez

VP Membership
Elizabeth McCurdy

VP Membership Elect
Marisa Mercer

VP Programs
Jessica Fiesta
Ashley Pettibon

VP Communications
Shelley Roaten

VP Legislation
Christel Chase