Medical Legislation
Make a difference now and in the future of healthcare.
The Family of Medicine Needs YOU!

The "White Coat Invasion" has been the key to physicians'
successes in the Texas Legislature since the inception of First
Tuesdays at the Capitol in 2003. Our senators and
representatives listen when their hometown doctors appear in
their offices. Our influence is so much greater when physicians
and alliance members arrive en masse in the House and Senate
galleries. It's time again to bring out Texas medicine's strongest

Mark your calendar now to join us during the 85th Texas
Legislature on Feb. 7, March 7, April 4 and May 2, 2017.
As part of First Tuesdays, you will:
  • make a difference now and for medicine's future.
  • become well-versed on the issues facing medicine in the 2017 session.
  • inform your senator and representative and their aides about these issues.
  • attend committee hearings and House and Senate sessions.

For more information on the schedule and lodging or to register

First Tuesdays Registration Information
March 7 is designated the official
Alliance First Tuesday at the Capitol. Join us!
Challenge and opportunity – the biennial Yin Yang of the Texas Legislature – return on Jan. 10, 2017. With your help, the
Texas Medical Association can face up to the challenges and seize the opportunity. Physicians, TMA Alliance members,
and medical students who answer the call for First Tuesdays at the Capitol will focus on:

  • Preserving physicians’ right to bill for services;

  • Improving Medicaid payment rates and reducing red tape and hassles;

  • Protecting the patient-physician relationship while taking advantage of new technology such as telemedicine;

  • Physician licensing and disciplinary issues as part of the Sunset review of the Texas Medical Board;

  • Deflecting scope of practice threats;

  • Winning funding for public health surveillance and prevention; and

  • Maintaining Texas’ strong medical liability reforms.

Tight budgets, well-funded opponents, and hyperpartisanship will combine to make 2017 a particularly perilous legislative
session for medicine and for patients. It is absolutely essential that we engage our representatives and senators early and

Physicians, alliance members, and medical students from around the state will converge on Austin the first Tuesday of each
month to reenact the White Coat Invasion. Lobbying tips, legislative briefings and debriefings, and personal visits to
legislators’ offices are all part of First Tuesdays at the Capitol. The Texas Medical Association and Texas Medical
Association Alliance are calling on YOU. Be a medical lobbyist for a day. You will make a difference.

“Well attended, organized, and effective First Tuesdays at the Capitol are absolutely critical tactical tools for our success at
the Texas Legislature,” said TMA President Don R. Read, MD.
Medicine's 2017 Legislative Agenda
President 2018-19
Margaret McDonald

Tricia Schneiderjan

VP Community Health
Lynda Nunez

VP Membership
Elizabeth McCurdy

VP Membership Elect
Marisa Mercer

VP Programs
Jessica Fiesta
Ashley Pettibon

VP Communications
Shelley Roaten

VP Legislation
Christel Chase